Black Panther Movement

  • AT THE SAME TIME AS the urban riots and the development of the Black Power movement a new group started called the Black Panther Party
  • Founded in 1966 in California by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale
  • They wrote a list of 10 aims for the party including: full employment for black people, education that teaches black history, decent housing etc.
  • They had revolutionary tendencies – they wanted to bring down the government and were prepared to use violence and join up with white racist groups in order to do this
  • Wore uniforms and were prepared to use weapons
  • Had 5000 members by 1968
  • Constantly targeted by the FBI so disbanded in 1982
  • Achievements were: established the ‘Free Breakfast for Children Program’ in parts of California and Chicago, gave guidance on drugs re-habilitation, helped those who had relatives in prison