Increased Support for Nazi Party 1929-1932

Hitler and the Nazis took FULL advantage of the troubles Germany faced after the Wall Street Crash in 1929. Their response could be divided into three key areas:

  1. Hitler’s Personal Appeal
  2. The SA
  3. Nazi Propaganda

1. Hitler’s Personal Appeal

  • Posters and rallies portrayed him as a kind of superman
  • Insanely good public speaker
  • Refused to wear his reading glasses in public to avoid looking weak
  • Provided people with a scapegoat to blame their problems on (the Jews)
  • Made promises to destroy the Weimar government and make Germany strong again with jobs for everyone
  • Promised revenge for the Treaty of Versailles

2. The SA

  • 1932 – 600,000 members of SA
  • Attracted unemployed young people
  • Paraded through cities and people were drawn to their order and discipline in a time of chaos and economic depression
  • Used to intimidate opposition
  • Attacked and disrupted meetings of political opponents
  • At times they acted independently of Hitler (which eventually began to worry him – see Night of the Long Knives)

3. Propaganda

  • Rallies: huge scale, thousands of uniformed Nazis, Hitler was flown all over Germany to give speeches at different rallies, sometimes as many as five in the same day. This campaign of flying Hitler around was called Hitler Over Germany
  • Posters: simple and clear messages that targeted specific audiences
  • Parades and marches: Mobile units that carried the Nazi message to every town and city in Germany. Sometimes they went on for days with entertainment and sporting events, even plays, just to win people over to support the Nazis
  • Radio: used for the first time to get across the Nazi message
  • Newspapers: Nazis owned 8 newspapers, each was designed to appeal to a particular readership