Death Camps

  • On arrival divided into two groups
  • Fit = put to work
  • Others sent straight to gas chambers
  • Older women, mothers with small children and children under 10 were taken away for execution
  • Young boys would lie about their age and invent a skill so they could stay alive
  • Carbon monoxide and Zyclon B gasses were used to execute prisoners
  • Nazis aimed to be efficient
  • At Treblinka, 140,000 people were killed each moth
  • A lot of gas chambers were fitted out to look like showers so prisoners didn’t know what was going to happen to them
  • Dead bodies were burnt in ovens or piled in deep pits
  • Prisoners were given awful jobs to do, including moving and cremating the bodies of fellow Jews
  • Very little food
  • Disease spread easily
  • Some inmates used for medical experiments without anaesthetics