Roman Public Health Statistics

Notes from history revision session Fri PM

  1. 7 rivers flowed through Rome
  2. 144 public toilets
  3. 20 people used a toilet at once – why? Socialise and conduct business meetings
  4. 5000 people used the baths in Lincoln every week
  5. 1 – the bath water in Lincoln was changed ONCE a week
  6. Water split 6 ways: 3% military barracks, 4% to public buildings, baths and theatres, 13% to cisterns and fountains, 17% to the emperor, 25% to official buildings, 38% to private persons, houses and industries
  7. 1 Quadrans was the entrance fee to public baths

REMEMBER YOU DO NOT NEED TO MEMORISE ALL OF THESE – just make sure you know a few specifics that you can include in your exam