Medicine Audio Revision

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re busy revising! I’ve added 3 podcast episodes to the medicine section. Give them a try! You might find it easier to revise by listening to me rambling on a bit, instead of doing lots of reading and writing out notes. I’ll try and add some more tomorrow afternoon, plus I’ll get the section on DNA sorted as well. Please don’t forget that you have your exercise books from class, as well as the revision guide you were given ages ago for the mock exams. We also made revision cards in lessons as well – remember that – it took ages!!). This website is very much a bonus on top of what you would usually receive and I really hope you find it useful.

Keep up all your efforts, I’m totally proud of everyone who is making the effort to prepare for the history exam, it’s all anyone can ask for 🙂

I’ll be back again tomorrow with more updates and improvements…