Medicine in Britain (CORE) Q4


Timing = 18 mins

Length = 2-3 paragraphs

You have a choice of answering EITHER Question 4 OR Question 5. This question asks you the explain how or why. It might ask you about a discovery and the factors that led to it, or it might ask you about the impact of a person or discovery, or it might ask you about the significance of a factor in medicine (such as religion or the government). Sometimes it will focus in on a particular time period, other times it will be a more open question that means you can use information from across more than one era to answer the question.

You must:

  1. Use specific information to support your argument/explanation in every paragraph
  2. Link back to the question at the end of every paragraph
  3. Include something that IS NOT from the bullet points
  4. Describe the topic in the question to get a GRADE 4/ Explain (actually answer HOW or WHY) to get a GRADE 5 OR ABOVE

Useful vocabulary = because… therefore.. this led to… which explains how… which explains why… the extent of impact was… the type of impact was… this meant that… the reasons why this happened was…