Location, Location, Location

1. Berlin - capital city in turmoil at the end of ww12. weimar - where the new democratic government was formed to avoid the violence in berlin3. munich - biggest city in bavarian region of germany - headquarters of the nazi party and locat

Fantastic turnout for revision today. We are still incredibly impressed by your dedication. Keep it up and you will be able to handle anything the exam throws at you tomorrow.

The whole of the Weimar Republic section is completed on here and quite a lot of the Third Reich is finished too. You should have plenty of revision materials from lessons that you can use too. I’ll keep annoying you with little snippets of revision in these posts, so don’t forget to share anything useful. There are  now over 200 people using the site – we seem to have picked up visitors from other schools, not that I mind, the more the merrier 🙂