Life in Germany Past Papers


I suppose it’s about time to start revising for history again, so with that in mind I’ve sorted out the tabs for the static pages and started adding the content for the Life in Germany unit.


So far every past exam paper has been added here¬†and I’ve made up a table of all the past papers so you can identify what the most common topics are that come up. You can access it from in this post and on the past papers tab.


There’s some content that’s gone on the first couple of tabs for the end of WW1 and Weimar Republic. You will have to forgive some SPaG errors to begin with as I’m just chucking stuff on so there’s something for you to work with. Refining it all into beautifully crafted sentences will just have to wait!

As always, please spread the word that we’re up and running again and do keep checking more than once a day as much will be going on tomorrow in time for the weekend.