Christmas Revision Plan Day #9

So, you need to put the mince pies down for  minute and do a little bit of revision again. You’ll feel so much better and far less anxious if you do just something, however small, towards those mock exams 🙂

Use the information from your revision guide and this website to write your own quiz questions. Write them onto cards, or just as a list – make sure you add the answers underneath each question. You will learn a lot just from coming up with the questions, but if you now test yourself, or get someone else to, you will remember even more.

A really good trick to personalising this type of revision is to take out the cards containing the questions you always get write, leave in the ones you sometimes get right and duplicate (make another) the question cards that you never get right.

It’s so important when revising not to waste loads of time going over the things that you already know. People do this all the time because it’s comforting to feel like we know something. It makes us feel confident, pleased with ourselves and more than a little smug. BUT it such a stupid thing to do!! You have a GCSE to get which means you need to spend longer on the bits you can’t remember and less on the things you always remember. e.g. don’t spend ages going over the four humours, everyone knows they’re blood, phlegm, black and yellow bile, so don’t keep revising it. Revise something that you struggle to remember instead. It’s a harsh lesson to learn but a very important one…