Christmas Revision Plan Day #3

Welcome to Day 3 of your mock revision.

  • Roman Public Health
  • Treaty of Versailles

Treaty of Versailles (15-20 mins)

Write a term of the Treaty onto a revision card revision-cards-blank. Get someone to test you on them, or if there’s nobody who can help you, number the backs of the cards and roll a couple of dice to tell you which one you have to try and repeat back. You could also categorise them according to whether they are territorial, military etc. To finish you should also read about opposition to the treaty.

Roman Public Health (10-20 mins)

Create a revision collage by finding pictures of the key features (Roman toilets, baths, aqueducts etc.) online and pasting them to a word document (or do it the old fashioned way and print/cut/stick). Annotate with details about each key feature.

Keep going with the revision!