Christmas Revision Plan #Day 2

Hello 🙂

I’ve mapped out all of your revision for the next 20 days – it all fits in so if you follow this plan you will be well-prepared for both of your history mock exams. Each session takes less than an hour, as long as you don’t get distracted…! Don’t worry about missing a day, you can double up on days when you are less busy.

Today’s focus is on the following:

  1. Roman beliefs about medicine and illness
  2. The situation in Germany in 1918
  3. The Weimar constitution

Roman Beliefs about Medicine (not public health) (10-12 mins)

Watch the film on this page (and enjoy some 80s movie music!) and create a spider-diagram using information from the film, the page and anything extra from your revision guide. This shouldn’t take longer than 10 mins if you stick to the guidance NOT to write the same thing twice. The same information is probably worded three different ways, but if it means the same thing, just add it to the spider-diagram once. PROMISE ME that you will only add new things to the spider-diagram!

The Situation in Germany in 1918 (5 mins)

You won’t be tested on this, but it’s the start of the Life in Germany story so all you need to do is read about it here.

The Weimar Constitution (10-20 mins)

Read the information here then print off a copy of these weimar-constitution-revision-questions. Try and answer as many questions as possible without checking the webpage. When you are done fill in the rest of the answers by referring to the information again. Then retest yourself (print another copy of the questions). Keep retesting until you get at least 10 out of 16 correct without looking.

Well done to any of you that are managing to squeeze in some revision.