Christmas Revision Plan #Day 1

Dear GCSE historians,

Here marks the start of your revision for the history mock exams.

A nice easy bit of revision to begin with…

TIMING: 10-12 minutes

  1. Watch the Flipagram about Greek medicine  in this post from last year THREE times
  2. Try to recreate the spiderdiagram at the end without looking
  3. If you find you have some gaps, turn your spiderdiagram face down and re-watch the filpagram once more
  4. Try to recreate the spiderdiagram from scratch (not just filling the gaps of the first one)

It’s the process of trying to remember information that builds the pathways of memory

Good luck!

I’ll try and get your next revision activities on earlier in the day in future 🙂

As always share this post with as many people as possible

Miss Bez