8 Problems Faced by Elizabeth I

The Problems

  1. Privy Council: Choosing her Privy Councillors
  2. Money: Financial weaknesses, inherited debt and the cost of war
  3. War: Challenges from Scotland, France and Spain
  4. Religion: Divisions between Catholicism and Protestantism
  5. Gender: Could a woman rule successfully?
  6. Legitimacy: Marriage between her parents believed to be invalid by Catholics as the Pope did not approve
  7. Marriage and Succession: Finding the right candidate to secure Elizabeth’s reign and the future of the Tudor dynasty
  8. Peace and Prosperity: Wealthy people are less likely to riot or rebel against the monarch, but bad harvests and disease struck multiple times during Elizabeth’s reign

What do you need to know about these problems?

  • Some precisely selected detail e.g. that one of the marriage candidates was Eric of Sweden or that she wanted to reduce the number of councillors from 50 to 20
  • Be able to argue which problem was the biggest – to do this you need to weigh up the problems relative to each other