1932 Political Intrigue

1932 Elections

  • Presidential Elections (March and April)
    • ROUND 1: MARCH:
      • Hindenburg (Independent candidate) 18,650,000 million votes
      • Hitler (NSDAP – Nazi Party) 11,340,000 million votes
      • Thälman (KPD – Communist party) 3,710,000 million votes
      • Hindenburg didn’t quite manage to get over 50% of the votes (criteria needed to become president) so it had to go to a second round.
    • ROUND 2: APRIL:
      • Hindenburg: 19,360,000 million votes
      • Hitler: 13,420,000 million votes
      • Thälman: 3,710,000 million votes
      • Hindenburg was re-elected as President after this election

Despite the enormous leap forward Hitler and the Nazis made in terms of the percentage of votes they achieved, Hitler was personally very disappointed; he wanted to win. Goebbels on the other hand, declared the result a victory because it showed their tactics (such as flying Hitler all over Germany by plane) had made a difference.

The Unpopularity of Chancellor Brüning

Brüning had been chancellor since 1930 but was really unpopular because he was unable to fix the German economy after the Wall street Crash of 1929. He didn’t have the support of the German people, nor did he have the support of the elected politicians in the Reichstag.