10 Day REVISION Plan and Further Updates

Today’s news is:

  1. 10 Day Topic Revision Schedule: This divides up all the topics across 10 days so if you start today or tomorrow, you can cover everything that might come up in your mock exam by the time you sit it the first week back. My suggestion is to keep your revision simple at this stage; you are preparing for your last mock exam, not the real ones. This means you need to perform better than last time, but not at your very best – you need to save that for 59 days time!
    1. Read through or print out and highlight the information from the topic pages recommended every day
    2. Create a colourful spider-diagram for each topic area. Remember to just include key words and phrases, not lengthy sentences
    3. BONUS: Cover over each spider-diagram and try to recreate it from memory. Repeat this twice for each one
  2. UPDATES: Everything stemming from the Weimar Republic tab has been reviewed and updated. Next stop (tomorrow or Sunday) will be the “Steps to Dictatorship” page – it’s got a variety of bits missing at the moment, so I will sort that out for you ASAP.

Hope you’re having an amazing break – but don’t forget to revise!